Drilling & Logistical Supplies

We offer a combined field experience in pipelining and provide directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our general drilling Services include:


  • Contract Drilling

  • Deepwater Drilling

  • Directional Drilling Services

  • Land Drilling Services

  • Mud Logging Services

  • Offshore lab Services

  • Workover Operations

  • Shallow Water Drilling



We also provide our clients with additional logistical support such as:


  • Conventional Drillships

  • Deepwater Rigs

  • Jackups

  • Semi-Submersibles

  • Ulttra-Deepwater Semisubmersible Rig

  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Rigs

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Drilling Equipment

  • Derrick or Mast

  • Hoisting Equipment

  • Rotary Systems

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Systems for Storing

  • Treating and Pumping Drilling Fluids

  • Power Plant.



In association with our partners; market leaders in the drilling services, we also offer a range of comprehensive oilfield services such as:


  • Seismic Services during exploration,

  • Separation Technologies,

  • Drilling Services,

  • Specialty Chemical Production 

  • Petrophysical and geophysical data acquisition, processing and analysis services.