"Amaja prides itself in delivering first class service with a strong health and safety record, while at  the same time adding real value to our clients operations."

Amaja supplies a full range of high quality casing and tubing, drill, premium connections, pipe accessories, sucker rods and coiled tubing for use in all types of oil, and gas drilling and well completion activities.


We accompany our products with services, with expertise in material selection and pipe handling.

Our state-of-the-art fabrication shop is fully equipped with the necessary machineries and tools that enable us to fabricate equipment structuring..

Oilfield Training Center (OTC) provides support in terms of manpower skills development and competency certification for exploration and drilling companies and other oil and gas industry service firms.

Amaja has global engineering and design capabilities to meet the challenging needs of clients.


The company's engineering expertise ranges from traditional disciplines, such as architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, and structural engineering, to advanced specialties including simulation, enterprise integration, and integrated automation processes.

Amaja provides high quality drill pipes and our own DSTJ double shoulder and Wedge tool joints for a wide variety of profiles. We also provide corrosion resistant and high-strength steel grades for unconventional drilling operations.


Amaja is a market  leader in the delivery and distribution of pipes, valves and fitting products to the local industry.


Our wide array of products are coveniently located at our clients' operational basis.

Our reliable, field-proven completion solutions allow clients to create the ideal conduit from formation to surface, regardless of the well-type or operating environment.


A comprehensive group of mechanical, chemical, digital, and analytical solutions for production optimization helps Client's overcome production challenges in every type of well design and environment.

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